On the morning of June 23, storms roared across our state with 100 mile per hour winds.  Two Indiana communities in our state were effected; Brookston, Ind. and Rossville, Ind. Both towns had several trees down, as well as a notable amount of debris. Brookston, Ind. had gas lines broken and the town soon initiated a lockdown. Indiana Disaster Funds were applied to help with the cost of gasoline and oil for chain saws. Volunteers from the area were able to assist. Thank you for your support to the "Indiana Disaster Response Fund".  This fund makes our response turn-around to disaster situations much quicker and easier, as funds are designated only for Disaster Response use. Thank you. – Jim Byerly, Indiana Conference Disaster Response Coordinator. 

For more information on the INUMC Disaster Response Department, visit: https://inumc.wpengine.com/disasterresponse