Africa University has become a beacon of light, hope, and knowledge for communities across the continent of Africa. Throughout the past few years, we’ve been blessed with several encounters with former students who now serve as spokespersons for the meaningful work of the university, its ministry, community involvement, and its ability to grow leaders from all backgrounds for the transformation of Africa. 

During the breakfast, hosted by the Friends of Africa University, members of the group, supporters of AU, as well as members of the Indiana Conference, got to hear from Yollande Yambo, an Africa University graduate, who now serves as the Executive Secretary for Global Ministries in Africa. Yambo travels all over the world, partnering with organizations to construct real-time solutions and practices for various issues – from public health to social injustice.

Her last assignment led her to Nigeria, where she was tasked with putting together a roundtable for peace and conflict resolution. She tapped into the network of colleagues from AU and they were able to provide a connection to other students who were in the area, allowing a route in and a starting point to a fruitful and vital conversation. 

“It wasn’t easy. But because of AU I knew about the culture and recognized that I had to meet people where they are. Had I gone with my own ideas, the job would not get done.” 

Yambo spoke about her background as a student of Africa University, and how God has guided her throughout her life, from a young girl who was uncertain about her life path, to a confident woman with unwavering confidence in herself and her capabilities, much of which she gained from her education at Africa University. 

The Friends of Africa University breakfast was also any opportunity to celebrate, not only the accomplishments of the school in introducing new ideas to the terrain but to also celebrate the latest feat of the Indiana Conference for reaching its goal for the Africa University campaign, which amounts to a total of $1.6 million. In May 2017, Indiana United Methodists, along with Bishops Trimble, Coyner, and John Hopkins of the East Ohio Conference, convened at Plainfield United Methodist Church, for a celebration luncheon for this achievement. (Read story).

In closing, Yambo states, “God is good, whatever you are doing, don’t think that all the effort and resources are going in vain. For us, AU is a symbol that lets us know that God is able.”