Rev.  Dr. Cindy Reynolds, Executive Assistant to the Bishop & Director of Connectional Ministries, has announced the Rev. Tom Heaton as the Associate Director of Mission and Justices Ministries of the Indiana Conference. Heaton will begin his work in this new role May 1, 2017.
"Tom has extensive experience in ministry and a proven record of motivating people to be engaged in mission and justice issues. He is a connector, advocate, and skilled in building sustainable partnerships," said Reynolds.
In this newly developed role, Heaton will work to establish new models for missions and justice ministries that connect our churches and the Conference to other ministry partners to make a more significant impact transforming lives in our communities and also the world.
The United Methodist Church has a long history of ministry and service in the areas of local and global missions, as well as social justice. As a denomination, the Church continues our work on the Four Focuses, which include two directly tied to mission and justice: Engaging in Ministry with the Poor and Improving Global Health.
"I believe that missions and justice ministries are integral to the growth and renewal of the church. When a congregation is engaged in ministry and mission, it provokes people to live for causes far greater than themselves,” said Heaton."
Heaton's new role will help the Indiana Conference in the Church’s mission, to make disciples of Jesus Christ and transform the world, as well as our vision to be Missional, Accountable, Called, and Connectional.
Heaton continued, "When people are involved in mission and ministry they become the people who God designed them to be; they can revitalize a church and transform the world."
"I am also very excited to work with Allison Curts and to continue developing the good work that she has done."
A native of Cincinnati, Heaton attended the University of Evansville where he received a Bachelors of Science in Communications and completed a Masters of Divinity from Christian Theological Seminary. He is an Elder in the Indiana Conference and was ordained in 1999.
He is the father of two sons, Jose who died in 2010 and Manuel who will be 22 in May.