The Commission on Archives and History of the Indiana Conference encourages local churches to observe Heritage Sunday, May 20, 2018.
This could be a project for the local church historian, church history committee, or any person or group in the church who feels called to help lead this particular focus. This an opportunity to remember and celebrate the church’s journey in faith and solidarity. The following are some concrete suggestions as to how a church might celebrate, embrace, and share their unique history:
1.    Recognize and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the merger between the Evangelical United Brethren (EUB) and the Methodists that took place in May 1968. Some historical sketches can be found, by clicking here:
2.    Take church old photos, bulletins, programs, membership books, or other items from where they are being stored and place them on a display table.
3.    Honor long-time members (50 years or maybe even older). Take a picture of the group for the local paper. A celebration cake during fellowship hour would also be nice.
4.    Have one or several of the long-time members give a personal witness during worship hour on how the fellowship of the church has enriched their lives.
5.    Encourage members to dress up in historical clothing (even the 1960’s are considered historical) and have a special hymn sing featuring old favorite hymns.
6.    Update the church’s history and make it available to the members.
These are only a few suggestions. For more resources, visit the links below: