The Indiana Annual Conference celebrated those individuals to be commissioned for the work of a deacon, commissioned for the work of an elder, recognized as Associate Members, ordained into the Order of Deacon, ordained into the Order of Elder, and recognize those ordained in another Christian faith to be full elders in The United Methodist Church during Saturday morning’s Celebration of Ministry service.
Bishop Mike Coyner reminded the congregation that the individuals being commissioned and ordained during the service were broken and flawed human beings. However, these individuals are masterpieces of God’s grace and love working in their lives, evidence of the artistry and beauty of God’s handiwork.
“Ministry begins when the minister knows that they are the product of God’s handiwork,” Bishop Coyner stated. “All of you are the handiwork of God.”
He continued explaining how ministry is when the pastor walks alongside people, relieving enough of their humanity and brokenness in order for those journeying along with them may see God working within their pastor and themselves.
Bishop Coyner baptized five children during Saturday’s service: Xavier Thomas Howard, son of Reverend Jill and Cory Howard; Jovie Danielle Newton, daughter of Pastor Lance and Rachelle Newton; Lauren Ann Rochelle, daughter of Reverend Amanda and Steve Rochelle; Obadiah Cartwright Roth, son of Pastor Bill and Shana Roth; and Hannah Jean Swisher, daughter of Reverend Matt and Katie Swisher.
Ordained into the Order of Deacon: Jennifer Noelle Huff
Ordained into the Order of Elder: Kara Ann Bussabarger, Mary Therese Crouse, Melissa Gail Englehart, Daryl A. Gilbert, Thomas Leo Hoffmeyer, Matthew Robert Lipan, Barbara Louise Marshall, Nicholas Kendall Robinson, and Scott Alan Taylor.
Those ordained in another Christian faith to be recognized as a full elder in The United Methodist Church: Marion Jean Crowder-Miller and Rebecca Lynn Smith.
Commissioned for the work of a deacon: Ashlea Michelle Barnett and Melissa Fisher.
Commissioned for the work of an elder: Ronald Hardy Bell, Benjamin M. Biggs, Clint Andrew Fink, Jeremiah Gibbs, Evan Thomas Guse, Thomas William Harzula Jr., Isaac Noel Hopper, John Francis Meunier, Debra M. Moore-Hardin, Kathryn Eames Muhlbaier, Seth Russell Neckers, Lance A. Newton, Gregory Paul Norton, Trenton Joel Prieshoff, Jason W. Rice, Nikki Brown Rice, Jennifer Weaver, Michelle Suzanne White, and Allison Elizabeth Yankey.
Recognized as Associate Members: Ernie Troxell and Lester P. Ward.