On April 3, 2017, Bishop Trimble called for the Indiana Miracle for Global Health inviting congregations across the state of Indiana to give extravagantly so that together we could impact thousands of lives affected by HIV/AIDS and malaria. The Indiana Miracle Offering for Global Health supports initiatives, Imagine No Malaria and the United Methodist Global Aids Fund. The unprecedented miracle offering called for clergy and church representatives to take up an offering at their church and then bring that offering to the 2017 Annual Conference. The miracle offering received more than $400,000 during the Annual Conference Session, along with additional gifts that continue to be received. During an order of business on Friday, June 9, the Indiana United Methodist Church celebrated the impact our contributions will have in providing treatment, education, and hope for those affected by HIV/AIDS and malaria. 

As contributions are still being submitted, an updated amount will be made available in the coming weeks. 

Learn more or make a contribution here