The Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church announced Monday, March 26, 2018, its intention to gather 5,000 letters to encourage lawmakers and public officials to take a stronger look at the value of our children and the children of our neighbors in all communities. The 5000 More Campaign seeks to partner with and challenge individuals throughout the United Methodist denomination and The Church worldwide, and those in our communities who seek change to contact state and federal government officials, urging them to seek legislation that will curb gun violence in this country. The campaign’s inception, 5000letters.com, began with the Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church in response to the February 14 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Bishop Ken Carter, Florida Annual Conference, urged, “I call upon the followers of Jesus to speak for those whose voices are silenced, and to speak for our children and grandchildren. What if, across Florida and even our Connection, we were able to collect and send 5000 letters?”

In a video statement, Bishop Julius C. Trimble, resident bishop of the Indiana Annual Conference, echoed the heart of Bishop Carter stating, “I’m inviting Indiana United Methodists to do 5,000 more letters.” 

“This is an issue for all of us who are concerned about making our society, our country, and our schools, and each of our communities safer,” Trimble continued. 

The Florida Conference has surpassed its goal and is still continuing to encourage churches and individuals to take action, and speak out against gun violence to ensure the future safety of people, of all backgrounds.

Participants are encouraged to report back to the website once they’ve written a letter to their official. Resources for writing a letter, contacting your state or federal officials, and learning more about the initial 5000 Letters Campaign, as well as the 5000 More Campaign, are available at 5000more.org


Media Contact: Skyler Nimmons
Communications Director, Indiana Conference
(317) 564-3242

About The Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church 
The Indiana Conference is a regional body of The United Methodist Church and provides leadership, resources, and support for more than 1,120 congregations ranging in size from 20 to 8,000 members in 10 districts across the state of Indiana. There are more than 1,000 pastoral appointments to those churches, ministering to more than 200,000 adult members and 40,000 children and youth.

About The Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church 
The Florida Annual Conference stretches more than 700 miles from just west of Tallahassee to the Florida Keys. Between are 700 churches with more than 280,000 members from African-American, Anglo, Filipino, Haitian, Hispanic, Korean, Native American, Russian and Vietnamese backgrounds making up one dynamic church.