Dear Bishop Trimble,

Greetings to you and many blessings as we begin this new quadrennium.

United Methodist Women is pleased to have Shannon Priddy join our agency as a member of our Board of Directors and the Program Advisory Group. Shannon will also be serving as President of the Board and is a member of North United Methodist Church Indianapolis. The Board of Directors carries fiduciary responsibility for the organization of United Methodist Women and the Program Advisory Group serves as a point of communication, input, sharing and advocacy regarding the program activities of the national office with leaders from across the United States.

During the quadrennium, Shannon will be participating in strategic planning, and will be a resource for the women of the Annual Conference. I hope that you will have occasion to call on her, and on the Conference President, for information about work of United Methodist Women in the areas of spiritual growth, leadership development, transformative education leading us to compassionate service and passionate advocacy.

As we are turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women children and youth around the world, we will be focusing on four priority issues: criminalization of communities of color (mass incarceration), climate justice, economic inequality and maternal and child health. I am sure that the Annual Conference will be hard at work in its own focus areas within the church’s mission, and will connect with the denomination’s four areas of focus. I suspect that synergies are possible where our various efforts are closely aligned and I hope that you will feel free to explore with these UMW leaders or with me areas where our efforts might be mutually reinforcing. The independent mission work of United Methodist Women and our predecessors has always been a compliment to and an extension of the mission of other parts of the church and we are proud that this relationship continues today.

Thank you for all the ways you offer leadership in your Annual Conference and in the whole church. Especially in this season in our church when so many are focused on our divisions, United Methodist Women are praying for you, for the work of the Council of Bishops and the Special Commission.


Harriet Jane Olson