Scott Reed, East District Lay Leader, presented redesign plans for the Indiana Conference Board of Laity during Thursday afternoon’s lay session. During the next six months, the laity board will be implementing a leadership procedure named the L3 Process.
The L3 process involves three principles of lay leadership, each principle starting with the letter ‘L’. The first principle is loving, a way of ensuring laity are Christ-centered in their work. The second principle is learning, a way for laity to grow together. The third principle is leading, a way of laity sharing Christ that enables others to do the same.
The laity board plans on being an active directional team to provide guidance and resources to further equip and advance laity leadership throughout the Indiana Conference. 
“It will take awhile,” Reed stated in reference to the presented process. “Learning to live the L3 process takes practice and putting resources together takes time.”
Along with the L3 process presentation, the laity session recognized four, new Certified Lay Ministers (CLM), celebrated Laity Manuscript Winner Kristy Mahoney, and hosted biblical storyteller Dr. Joyce Johnson during her “Biblical Voices of Hope” worship segment.

During her acceptance speech to the laity, Mahoney, who is the Director of Student Ministries at Muncie High Street UMC, expounded on the current depiction of this generation’s Millennials, and how they are the most studied demographic of this period. Millennials are viewed as ungodly, misdirected, and tech-dependent. Mahoney’s acceptance speech unveiled that although today's Millennials rely significantly on their i-gadgets, the focus of Millennials reflects less of a change in ideal and more of a societal transformation.

View lay session presentation by East District Lay Leader, Scott Reed, here: Board+of+Laity+Annual+Conference+2016+Formatted.pptx