Laity from around the Indiana Conference gathered Thursday morning for a learning time with the Direction of Natalie Macy, Associate Director of Leadership Development – Laity, during the Laity Learning Day workshop. Dan Weirich, Lay Leader in the Northeast District, encouraged the laity to partner with their church pastor and brainstorm ways the laity can help strengthen the ministry of the church, the body, as well as ways they can be missional throughout their communities. “The Holy Spirit wants to move in our church, it wants to move in our world, we have to help the Holy Spirit. The harvest is ripe, the workers are few. Open the doors and go “See All the People.” 

Laypersons were organized into groups with others from their respective district to discuss ways they can collaborate and bring ideas to the table for the betterment of their ministries and the Church. During a discussion for the laity of the Central District, Conference Lay Leader Doris Clark elaborated on her dream to see a rise in activism among the laity in our local churches and for the laity to acknowledge as vital members of the body of Christ. “If you know me, you’ll know I’m not much for sitting around. I like to be active” she said. 

The workshop also created space to honor laity who are trailblazers in their ministry context. The Laity Sermon Manuscript contest requires laity, who God has put a special message on their hearts, to submit an original manuscript around this year’s annual conference theme of “See All the People.” 

After the Laity Session Thursday evening, Laity, in partnership with Clergy, will go beyond the walls of the Indiana Convention Center and engage with people around downtown Indianapolis and their own communities, including those who are often unseen, and hand them water bottles labeled “You are loved.” Water Bottles will be made available at the Laity Lounge in Hall J.