Over 100 people gathered, Saturday, March 4, for the Metro Ministries Kickoff Lenten Breakfast — a morning filled with fellowship, learning, and food! The event was hosted at Castleton UMC, with wonderful accommodations provides by staff and volunteers. 

Jim Bushfield, Superintendent of the Central District, and Bert Kite, Senior Pastor of Castleton UMC, opened with a message of welcome and prayer.
Rev. Ronnie Bell, associate pastor at North United Methodist Church, gave the message:

“God uses music, poetry, meter and rhyme to convey God’s words to us. Isaiah speaks about being comfortable in exile. God gave enslaved Africans song, lyrics, words of freedom and hope.  It reminds us that God is with us. Christ calls us to Love Our Neighbor. We need to work alongside with people and not just for them.
We liberate people by listening to them, not fixing them, by hearing their songs, and not casting their vision for them. God gives news to the poor, proclaims release to the captives, gives sight to blind, and sets the oppressed to the poor, and we answer, ‘so shall we.’"

Tom Shryock, Metro Ministries Board President, shared how the Lenten Offering that was taken will be used for 2017 Youth Ministry Grants. Over $1500 was raised!
Three Central District Lenten Breakfast Groups will continue the Lenten Breakfast Series; find out more HERE.