With the start of 2016, we often look back to 2015 to see where God has taken us as we look ahead to see where He may be leading us. For United Methodists worldwide, we see the dates May 10-20 for General Conference in Portland, Oregon, and July 13-16 for Jurisdictional Conference in Peoria, Illinois, as important events in our lives.

As people of prayer, we know that the power of God is at work in every situation of our individual lives and our world. Therefore, it is with humble hearts that we invite you to a time of intentional, daily prayer for all aspects of the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conferences.

In the months leading up the 2016 conferences, we will send a weekly message through Indiana Conference Communications that will provide you with prayers, devotions, and suggestions for use in your personal and corporate prayer life. Our goal is to have people across Indiana joining together in unified prayer for our beloved United Methodist Church.

The General Conference has assigned Sunday, January 24 to the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church as a dedicated day of prayer for General Conference 2016. Our desire is that you will take these weekly prayer points to the people of your congregations, small groups, and even times of corporate, congregational prayer for deeper reflection. As with most prayer guides, these are suggestions or prayer prompts for you to use to open the door to Holy Spirit-led invocation, for God will lead you to deeper subjects in prayer. As we move through every conceivable topic pertaining to General and Jurisdictional Conferences, our hope is that you go far beyond what is written to the heart of God for our church in your prayers.

Come, join this adventure by praying in unity for God’s way to be revealed in our hearts and The United Methodist Church. Our hope is that this will bring unity to your congregation and our other 1100 congregations across Indiana. 

Prayer Guide: GCJCprayer1+(1).pdf

Weekly prayers: