July 26, 2017
INDIANAPOLIS – The Rev Dr. Andrew Scanlan-Holmes, Senior Pastor of Roberts Park UMC in Indianapolis, and alum of Durham University, has been appointed a Research Fellow of CODEC based in St John’s College of Durham University. CODEC is a research center at Durham University exploring the impact of digital culture on religious practice and thinking. 
CODEC has launched the world’s first MA in Digital Theology (MADT). The program offers a new opportunity for theological reflection on digital culture and on the changes which digitality is making to religious practice, especially within the context of Christianity. Dr. Scanlan-Holmes will be CODEC’s main link to explore recruitment, student liaison, funding and delivery partnerships in the United States for the new MA as well as teaching on the MA, supervising students and creating new modules in the future.

In welcoming Andrew, Rev Dr. Pete Phillips, Director of CODEC research center said, “As a former student of Durham University, whose doctoral thesis examined the role of digital projection and media in worship, Andrew is best placed to help us launch this new degree in the USA.  He knows the ethos, standards and teaching philosophy of this world class university and will be helping CODEC continue to develop its worldwide reputation for original, quality, in depth research that provides practical outcomes for those serving in churches today.”

Andrew commented that he, “is excited at the opportunity that this appointment offers in both introducing others to this amazing academic research center and institution, and in continuing my own learning through meeting students and professors alike. I will remain a church based pastor in Indianapolis, so will be sharing my learning with colleagues as I am able.”

Others commenting on the appointment and CODEC had this to say: –

Rev Prof. David Wilkinson, Professor of Theology, Principal of St John’s College, Durham          
'We are delighted to be working with Andrew, one of the leading theologians in the way theology shapes and learns from the digital environment. This is part of a growing network of relationships that CODEC is generating is its role as the world’s outstanding center of digital theology'

Rev. Dr. James Bushfield, Conference Superintendent of the Central District 

“The Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church experienced Andrew’s expertise in his production of our annual meeting. Worship, as well as our business sessions, were enhanced by his purposeful leadership and direction. As a superintendent of 109 congregations, I witness the need for more thoughtful and skilled production and use of digital media to let the Church reach new generations. Theology is more than words, just as digital technology is more than a tool. In the Church, our message will either be enhanced or diminished by the way we purposefully integrate the two.” 
MADT External Verifier
“This is ‘cutting edge’ work and gives Durham the chance to establish itself at the forefront of new, exciting and original work in this area. It is an excellent addition to an already highly impressive suite of
courses within the MATM program. The Digital Theology program has the potential to become very successful, while this course of study gives Durham University the opportunity of establishing itself as a ‘world leader’ in this area of ministry training and education.”

Prof. Claire Warwick, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor of Digital Humanities, Durham University
“Embedded within the UK's research-leading Department of Theology and Religion, the CODEC Research Centre in Digital Theology offers unique expertise in the complex and fast-moving interface between theology, religious practice and digital culture. CODEC offers a form of embedded Digital Humanities exploring the interface between digital technology and lived theological practice, a rare focus in the DH field. CODEC is a vital part of the research of the University and I would endorse its work without reservation.”

For more information contact: Rev Dr. Andrew Scanlan-Holmes
Email: andrew.d.scanlan-holmes@durham.ac.uk
Office: 317 635 1636
Cell: 317 997 0345
Skype: revandrew_h

Rev Dr. Pete Philips
Email: p.m.phillips@durham.ac.uk
Office: +44 191 334 3896
Cell : +44 7876337157
Skype: pete.m.phillips