August 19, 2016 

Fletcher Place Community Center Executive Director Announces Retirement 

Rev. Jessi Langlie, Executive Director of The Fletcher Place Community Center, announced today her intention to retire on December 31, 2016 as Executive Director of Fletcher Place Community Center. The center is located just East of the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. She has served in that position for over 23 years and led through many transitions from its location at 410 S College in the Fletcher Place neighborhood to its current location at 1637 Prospect Street. With this announcement she said, "We have a highly competent and dedicated staff supported by board that is deeply committed to the mission. I know in retiring at this point in time the center will not miss a beat as we continue to meet the needs of our neighbors." The Board Chairperson, Mr. Ed Martin, said, "Jessi has brought us to this time of strength through her leadership and commitment. We will miss her presence but she has prepared us as a board to lead Fletcher Place into the future."  The board is developing a process for filling the Executive Director position. A first step was taken today when they named Charity Shultz, the current assistant director as the interim director until such time as the Board is prepared to name the next Executive Director. 
Fletcher Place Community Center’s history is in The United Methodist Church in Indiana which founded the center in 1872. Located at 1637 Prospect Street, it is a not-for-profit organization under the direction of its duly elected board of directors with the mission to ease the suffering of those struggling with the basic necessities. 

For more information contact: Rev. Jessi Langlie, jessi@fletcherplacecc.org, (317) 636-3466 ext. 6 

You may read Rev. Langlie's retirement announcement below: