North Katanga UMC:
Mrs. Katanga said the passenger of the Toyota who is a wife to the deceased sustained some deep cuts on the thigh and bruises on the forehead and she is admitted to Luanshya mine hospital.

The body of the deceased is currently at Thompson district hospital awaiting postmortem, while the driver of the Truck has been arrested awaiting investigations.

Luanshya District Commissioner Joel Chibuye has described the death of Luanshya prominent farmer John Enwright who died in a road traffic accident yesterday as a huge blow to the economic prospects in the District.

And Mr. Chibuye says the condition of Kendra Enwright wife to the deceased is stable and she is responding well to treatment.

Mr. Chibuye said according to family members Mrs. Enwright suffered three broken ribs and a fractured hip, deep cut on the thigh but that she was responding well to treatment.
“I can confirm that a family member says she is responding well to treatment and the family is still recovering from the shock and are yet to make a tentative program for the funeral of Mr. Enwright, ” Mr. Chibuye said.

He confirmed that the accident victim was still admitted to Maryberg hospital in Ndola after she was evacuated from Luanshya mine hospital yesterday.

Mr. Chibuye said the deceased had great entrepreneurial prospects among the beehives, aquaculture, cattle and goat keeping which created jobs for the local community. He noted that both President Edgar Lungu and the First Lady visited the Enwright Farm when they visited Luanshya on two separate occasions from which a number of investment plans aimed at developing the district were discussed.

“It is very sad to note that all those investment plans that were intended to develop the District and create jobs would not come to fruition” he indicated. Mr. Chibuye has since wished the Enwright family heartfelt condolences on behalf of the people of Luanshya and wished the patient a speedy recovery.

Enwright was a prominent Farmer, proprietor of Liverndale farms in Luanshya and was popularly known as Kafwankumba among Luanshya Residents. He died on the spot yesterday morning in a road traffic accident at fisenge near the blind center along the Luanshya Ndola Road.