Communications Team

Serena Acker
Serena AckerCommunications Officer
Serena was born, raised, baptized, and dedicated her life to Christ at Richvalley United Methodist Church. She holds degrees from Taylor University and Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction. A gifted writer and speaker, Serena leads the Communications Team in their public relations and marketing efforts.

Serena is married to Jonathan, and they are active members of Common Ground Northeast. In her free time, Serena enjoys running and shopping for shoes.

Leanne Ketcham
Leanne KetchamContent Specialist
Leanne grew up in a small Wesleyan Church in Wisconsin where she was nurtured in the faith and answered a call to ministry as a teen. She holds a Bachelors in Christian Ministries from Indiana Wesleyan University and an M.Div from Princeton Theological Seminary. Leanne is currently waiting to defend her doctoral dissertation focused in homiletics through the University of Toronto. As a Content Specialist, pastor, and preacher, she is passionate about telling the story of what God is doing through all mediums.

Leanne is married to Andrew, and together they have a daughter, Chloe, and a fluffy goldendoodle. In her free time, Leanne enjoys sewing and reading.

Katie Swisher
Katie SwisherCommunications Specialist
Katie has worked with the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church since 2007. She began with the Indianapolis East District in the former South Indiana Conference, then with the West District, and now as the Communications Specialist. Katie is from Indianapolis and was raised in a loud, loving, musical family. She loves photography, cooking, music, and reading, and always enjoys getting together with friends. Katie is married to Matt, an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. She serves on the leadership team for Thrive, the INUMC clergy spouse and family ministry. Katie and Matt have two delicious, blonde, miracle children named Hannah and Henry. The Swisher family enjoys spending time outside, baseball, taking walks, swimming, and watching hours upon hours of Bluey and Star Wars.
Elyse Garverick
Elyse GarverickContent Specialist
Elyse is a creative with passions for writing and food. She loves traveling, hiking, reading, and rewatching Gilmore Girls. She and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two dogs, Mika and Dobby. If they’re not out finding a great restaurant, you can probably find them at home playing board/card games.
Noah Maxwell
Noah MaxwellVideo and Social Media Specialist
Noah serves the United Methodist Churches of Indiana through the role of Social Media Specialist. Graduating from Indiana University with a major in Media and Video Production. Noah aims to use his craft to spread the message of God to as many as possible utilizing the internet as the messenger. In his spare time, Noah enjoys to get outside of the comfort of his own home and see what life has to offer. He can often be found on a hiking trail, at the gym, reading a long novel, or spending quality time with his family and friends.