The Children Matter Most team has written a resolution for our
conference to consider and will be submitting it for a vote of
affirmation in 2021.

It is an expression of our understanding of
our call to immediate and sustained action on behalf of the
children in our communities.

Children Matter Most

WHEAREAS, resolution 2027,
Putting Children and Their Families First,
names that “Children are
acknowledged to be full human
beings in their own right, but beings to whom adults and society
in general have special obligations.”

WHEAREAS, in recognition of John Wesley’s teaching that we do
all the good we can, we, the United Methodist Church of Indiana
must do more for all children and their families, including those
who are neglected and nurturing the children of our communities
who are suffering. We resolve to honor our baptismal
commitment and pray for our guidance of young people in God’s
grace at all times. We will not turn away from the pain, trauma
and neglect they are experiencing. We reaffirm our call as a
community to surround the children of Indiana with love,
forgiveness and prayer.

WHEAREAS, our churches have collectively and individually
supported camps, vacation Bible schools, day care centers,
children’s homes and many children’s missions. Although we
acknowledge our past missional successes in the lives of children,
we also acknowledge our failures and accept we must repent.

THEREFORE, we will fiercely pursue good for all children and their
families in Indiana. We will learn and listen that we might live
according to the example of Christ. We will help the young
people in our communities overcome adversity and help them
grow in their trust of God. We will take up our call to surround
them with love, forgiveness and prayer.

THEREFORE, we affirm our commitment to nurture the children
and their families in our communities through the grace of God.
We proclaim that children matter to God and are highly valued in
God’s Kingdom. God desires that every child may experience
justice, protection and love.

BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the people of the United Methodist
Church of Indiana, will work and walk according to God’s purposes
for the lives of the children and their families in our communities.
We will intervene where children encounter harm, seek healing
that brings community, and offer love that leads to fullness of life.
We will advocate for the children of Indiana that they may be
given every opportunity to thrive and become disciples of Jesus