EVERY congregation considering their next steps for the ministry of the church is expected to engage in a discernment process that is open to and engages the entire congregation. We believe that the congregational discernment process is not limited to the question of whether a church is to consider its place in the denomination, but is best done when focused on helping to discern who they will be as followers of Christ. However, because a decision involving severing ties with the denomination is such an enormous decision, discernment with the entire membership is essential when the leadership is having conversation turns in that direction.

Your Bishop and Cabinet are directing churches to engage in a true spiritual discernment process, beginning with prayerful, theological reflection within the context of Christian Conferencing as taught by our founder, John Wesley.

While there is an expectation that a discernment process will be engaged, each congregation may choose their own process that is thorough and complete.  No one way is being prescribed.  Below are some resources that are available for your use.