Together we can make an difference for our local schools!

This year we had hoped to “stuff the bus” with school supplies for the students and teachers of Marion CommUNITY Schools.  This school, like some others in our state, has a large number of students who have difficulty obtaining the school supplies they need due to their family’s financial position.  However, due to COVID-19, our plans have changed.  To avoid physically handling school supplies for the Stuff the Bus project, we will accept online donations that will be distributed to the schools to purchase the needed supplies.  We are kicking off the donation period now and will close it on August 22.

While supporting the Marion CommUNITY Schools was originally planned because of its proximity to Indiana Wesleyan University, we also recognize there are needs statewide.  In response, thirty percent of the donations will go to Marion CommUNITY Schools with the remaining seventy percent divided equally among the 10 districts of the Indiana Conference.  Each district ops team will determine which school or schools will receive a donation for the purchase of school supplies.

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